Finding Truth in the Data

Defense Forensic provides digital investigative services to individuals and organizations that require expert analysis of digital evidence. The Defense Forensics team includes former law enforcement officials and certified digital forensic examiners who are experts in data recovery and evidentiary analysis for the purpose of resolving civil and criminal cases.

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Computer Forensics

Collect usage, history, and data from personal computers. We use the latest technology to gather all the data without missing a byte and provide you with an easy-to-understand analysis report so you have all the information you need to help you solve your case.

Vehicle Forensics

Vehicles contain a massive amount of information helpful in an investigation, including connected devices and location data. Using industry-leading tools, we acquire vehicle usage and history data to help you understand what happened when the incident happened, and who was involved.

Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices are a major source of digital evidence in today’s investigations. We extract complete forensic images of mobile devices without any data contamination or loss, analyze the information, and send you an easy-to-review report of our findings.

Forensics Service Training

Develop your digital forensics skills. Receive expert training for all experience levels. With decades of combined experience in law enforcement and analysis, our training team teaches you how to use digital forensics tools to their fullest extent, so you can be confident you have the skills to effectively conduct your investigation.

Let us help you find the truth in data.

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