About Us

Our Mission

To provide digital forensic extractions and examinations to the diligent and brave members of our justice system. Acknowledging the necessity of data brought to the surface from these extractions, we want to help agencies, attorneys, and members of the private sector solve their cases truthfully. Whether it is a mobile device, computer, or vehicle; Defense Forensic is here to keep officers on the street and assist attorneys bring pertinent evidence to light.

In addition to providing data extraction and analyzation as a service, Defense Forensic wants to educate members of our community on digital forensics. While the world of technology changes, we are here to inform this community on how a digital footprint can be traced.

There is a lack of knowledge on what data can be pulled from mobile devices, computers, and vehicles. Our analysts take these devices and run our software through them to pull every bit of information out of them. If needed, our team can analyze the data itself to give our clients the best understanding of what the data is telling us.

1. What is the process of sending and receiving the device?

  1. You will be sent a shipping label to attach to your package
  2. Once received you will get notified that the forensic examination has begun
  3. Once the device is shipped back to you, you will be notified via email?

2. How long can I expect this process to take?

  1. 24-72 hours dependent on shipping
  2. Priority projects can be paid for (?)

3. What can I be sure I will be getting from this device?

  1. Unlocked device extractions typically include any multimedia stored on the device, such as photos and videos, as well as application information and usage, communications, and browser history, among many other data points.

4. Can I get more information than just the data?

  1. Yes, we can analyze device data after it is acquired to provide additional findings if necessary.

5. Does the device have to be unlocked?

  1. In most cases, es. If you have a device that is locked, please contact us for further information.

6. Do you store the data from my device after it is sent back to me?

  1. Device data is stored in a secure location, though retention periods may vary. Please contact us for additional information regarding long-term data retention.

8. Can you tell me how to remove a hard drive?

  1. Yes, storage removal varies from device to device, but we can walk you through the removal process if necessary.

9. How do I know the data is correct?

  1. Our forensic tools are regularly tested and validated by our team to ensure that acquired data is true and accurate to the raw device data.

10. What if I take on of your classes but still have questions after?

  1. Feel free to contact us at info@defenseforensic.com and we will work with you on any questions you have